Service: transmitting to others (Transmit Out, Stay Tuned)

Jesus, We Want to Be Like You

I wrote the words of this song after attending NCYC 2009 in Melbourne. Through the speakers and the submersions, I really felt God was challenging me to find ways to help others. Jesus is the perfect role model - He came to show us how - we just need to try to be like Him!

Changing Times

We live in changing Times - God is changing us through His Son Jesus

My Heart Is Yours

A yearning to serve Jesus in response to what He has done

Shout The People

A declaration of Jesus and what we believe

Shape My Soul

This song is about taking the time to reconnect with God after times in the 'Wilderness", a theme that is strong in the first part of Matthew's gospel.

Deeper into you

DEEPER INTO YOU is a reflective song especially appropriate for the "Sharing and Speaking" phase of NCYC 2011, as well as the "Faith: Receiving the Signal" initial component.

Ultimately it's a song concerning a life of prayer - a life that is founded in God: God who draws us "inward", into God, before sending us out in mission.

This arrangement, for vocalist reasons has been recorded in verses 1 and 2 in the key of C, before modulating to D. The original score is in F.

Grace & peace


vocals: Dale MacGregor
backing: David MacGregor

No Other

A song that speaks of the awesome qualities of Jesus Christ, of the counter-cultural life he led in doing the Father's work and our willingness to surrender our lives to that same cause.

God of Justice

A song recognising the Missio Dei, the mission of God, and our call to respond to God's cries for justice in our world


Amazing is an upbeat song that I wrote for gathering people into worship and learning. The main message of the song is that, getting to know God and Jesus better helps us to share the love that Jesus demonstrated for us. The simple act of loving others can allow amazing things to happen.

This song has proved very popular at our church over the last couple of months since I wrote it. As well as using it to gather people in at start of worship, we have also used it at the end of the service as a sending out. It works as a reminder of why we gathered, and what we have to do when we leave.


Mighty is an uptempo praise song, it's about understanding how mighty He is not just in our lives but all around us.
A very raw recording with some slight mistakes but hope you enjoy it.


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