Opening up to God

E.g. in the Scriptures, through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, We Want to Be Like You

I wrote the words of this song after attending NCYC 2009 in Melbourne. Through the speakers and the submersions, I really felt God was challenging me to find ways to help others. Jesus is the perfect role model - He came to show us how - we just need to try to be like Him!


Song written when I was in a rut with God, then I finally realised that He is everything I need.

I Will Sing

Words can never adequately describe our awesome God, but we wanted to at least give it a go!
(and what better way than through a catchy tune and a bit of brass) =]

We hope you enjoy it!

Jesus, King of all my days.

A simple worship song seeking to affirm our faith and encourage us forward into service.

In You

This song expresses a yearning to draw into God's presence and just 'be'. Even in the midst of our confusion and darkness we are renewed and restored by God's word to boldly step forward into the unknown in full confidence of the One who holds and leads us there. It was written as a prayer in response to my own experiences as a mother of young children and is based on my own meditations on Proverbs 31, where I felt particularly encouraged and inspired by verse 25.

Oh My Lord

A heart response to Jesus

This Is My Prayer

A Prayer of Thanks

Father Oh Father

A praise song to God the Father

Visions Of Holiness

Visions of The Holiness of Jesus bring Peace
Praise and Honour be to King of all

Seize The Way

Now is the time to take hold of the promises of God

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