Responding to God

E.g. discipleship, mission, service, witness, intercession, thanksgiving.

Turn It Up

When I was writing this lyric, for some reason it decided to cling to a rather mutated version of Tom Springfield’s tune for the song A World Of Our Own. It won’t let go of that tune, for me at least. Thanks awfully to Robert Adamson for answering my plea for help, the music is his.

Jesus, We Want to Be Like You

I wrote the words of this song after attending NCYC 2009 in Melbourne. Through the speakers and the submersions, I really felt God was challenging me to find ways to help others. Jesus is the perfect role model - He came to show us how - we just need to try to be like Him!

The Lord of Everything

I wrote this song for my youth band - basically a celebration and declaration of what God has done - the chorus is a personal response! hope you enjoy


Song written when I was in a rut with God, then I finally realised that He is everything I need.

Hope and a Future

Another song I have written for my youth - the chorus is written as more of 'an anthem' than a chorus, its awesome having a group of youth singing those lyrics...."we have a hope and a future, coz were putting our lives in your're the generation living for your name........" dont know what else to say...hope u enjoy

Jesus, King of all my days.

A simple worship song seeking to affirm our faith and encourage us forward into service.

Oh My Lord

A heart response to Jesus

Changing Times

We live in changing Times - God is changing us through His Son Jesus

All I Need

I will fall on my knees and praise Him
He set me free
Jesus is All I Need

This Is My Prayer

A Prayer of Thanks

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