E.g. blessing.

Peace Benediction

Jesus promised us all the most wonderful gift - His peace - so that in all we do and wherever we go we can step out with confidence and hope!

Jesus, King of all my days.

A simple worship song seeking to affirm our faith and encourage us forward into service.


I wrote this for a baptism, wanting a lively, upbeat version of the Aaronic blessing that had a celebratory and joyful "feel" rather than the more sombre feel of some of the old versions.

You See The Rising

Jesus IS coming Back!!!

I Want To Praise The Lord

A Praise Song because we want to Praise The Lord

I Believe In A God

Believe in a God, The Son, The Spirit, who come to save us.

My Heart Is Yours

A yearning to serve Jesus in response to what He has done

Shout The People

A declaration of Jesus and what we believe

Seize The Way

Now is the time to take hold of the promises of God

Like A Raging Fire

Jesus comes in Glory, Power and might. This is in some ways a contemporary view of Jesus Glory.

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