How to record audio on your computer

For starters you need to have some recording hardware and some recording software. The hardware can be as basic as a built-in mic on a laptop. If you are wanting better quality you might want to connect quality microphones to a mixer and then connect the line-out from the mixer to the line-in port on your computer. There is lots of free audio software around and also very specialised music recording software such as Cubase and Logic. One great program that is free to download and use is Audacity. You can get the program and find help on using it here: When you record using a computer you have the option of 'overdubbing'. This means you can record one part (the guitar, for example) and then play that part back while you record another part (eg. the singing). It's best to use headphones when overdubbing to prevent the sound from one take 'spilling' over into the next take. Once you have recorded a performance that you like you might want to consider adding some reverb or other effects. Don't go overboard - if you use too much the sound can become muddy and difficult to listen to - but some tasteful reverb can do wonders for the sound.