Making a Chord Chart

Guidelines for your chord chart

  1. Use a fixed width font such as "Courier" or "Courier New". This will ensure your chords line up with your lyrics.
  2. Clearly set out which parts of the song are verse, chorus etc (worship songs can involve multiple repeats- rather than writing them out just clearly label everything then the worship team can re-order as needed). Try the following common denominators:
    • Intro
    • Verse
    • Pre-Chorus
    • Chorus
    • Bridge
    • Tag (an ending also sometimes called 'Coda')
  3. Space out your chords a line above your lyrics so that they sit on top of the word where the chord change happens.
  4. Include a copyright notice. In Australia when you create a work, you automatically have copyright over what you have created (and when you submit to you will still keep your copyright). All you need to do is put something like "(c)2010 Joe Blogger". We also suggest you add "For information on permission to use this song and to contact the author please visit"

Check out the sample below for an example of how it's done!


Sample_Chord_Chart.doc20.5 KB