Making the mp3 file

When you are happy with the performance and the mix of your song you then need to get it into the appropriate MP3 format for uploading to the website.

Most audio programs will output to a file format such as WAV or AIFF. If your program doesn't export to MP3 don't worry- you can convert your file using another program.

If you are using Audacity it is possible to output to MP3 files if the LAME plug-in is installed. Go here for instructions:

If you have iTunes installed you can use it to make mp3 files. Follow these steps:
1. Go to Preferences and change the 'Import Settings' (different versions of iTunes have this setting located in different places) to:
    Import Using: MP3 Encoder
    Setting: Good Quality (128 kbps)

2. Go to your iTunes library and select the song that you want to use.

3. In the 'Advanced' menu choose 'Create MP3 Version'. iTunes will create a duplicate of the file in mp3 format.

4. Select the new file in your library. You can right click this file (control-click on Mac) to reveal the file's location in Windows Explorer (or Finder on the Mac).