TURN IT UP! (NCYC 2011 themes)

The theme of NCYC is "Turn it Up"!

The theme focuses on the opportunity for young adults to turn up their faith, to engage with Jesus at a deeper level and to share their faith more passionately with others.

Each day of convention different aspects of this theme will be explored. Some of the music at NCYC will relate specifically to these themes.

If you are a songwriter - or think you could be - why not take one or more of these themes as inspiration, write some music for NCYC '11 and submit it here!

Check them out:

Faith: receiving the signal

"Plug in"

  • Matthew:4:12-17, Isaiah:9:1-7
  • A focus oncoming together as a community,prepared and ready to tune into God.

"Tune to God"

  • Matthew 5:1-12,Isaiah 55:1-6
  • How we tune into God

Sharing & Speaking: 2-way transmission

"Talk back"

  • Matthew 6:5-13, Isaiah 65:1-5b
  • Prayer as a two way process of both hearing and speaking to God

"Turn it Up"

  • Matt 7:1-5, Isaiah 40:1-11
  • Responding and moving out from self to community. Making noise that others can see and hear.

Service: transmitting to others

"Transmit Out"

  • Matt 7:7-12, Isaiah 42:5-12
  • Sharing and serving as a way of transmitting God out into the world.

"Stay Tuned"

  • Matt 5:13-16, Matt 7:24-29, Isaiah 55:10-13
  • Staying connected to the source, keeping the volume up and still being out in the world transmitting the good news.

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