What's your favourite ncyc worship experience? ... so far!

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Ncyc 99 Geelong- Outdoor worship at beach at torquay singing 'For you deep stillness' (with the movements) and the wind rushed through the crowd of worshippers like the holy spirit was washing through, in and over us.

Ncyc 2001 Brisbane - First evening worship as a whole convention. The excitement of being there with thousands of other young people in the uniting church. The altar call on the Sunday evening when people from uc churches worshipped with us was so powerful and moving. Witnessing God calling people and changing their lives forever.

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One for the ncyc veterans!

Having all the ncyc delegates walk down Cataract Gorge in Launceston, Tassie then hold the first worship rally in the outdoors. There was a great sense of journeying together and worshipping God surrounded by nature was awesome.

Then there was ncyc 2001 in Brisvegas when Julian Hamilton (guest speaker) got everyone to hold hands with the person next to them and I got to hold the hand of my future wife for the first time-now that was a very spiritual experience!!