Your top worship songs

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Worship at NCYC 11 will involve music from a variety of sources (including songs that have been submitted here at so we want to know what music you are finding helpful in worship.

Reply to this topic to list your favourites - singers, churches, websites, etc where you find good music, but most importantly what are your top songs.

List your top five (or top ten if you want!) songs and they might find their way into the NCYC 11 program!

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I love Robin Mann's works. I have to admit that I would probably list a lot of modern songs, although I do like some of the older songs as well.

Hmmmm Top 10. Why must I list only 10? Just kidding!

1: Walkin' Down the Road (Robin Mann)
2: One More Step (Learned this one at Lilydale, don't know who wrote it)
3: God of Jeremiah (Tune is The Summons. Its in TIS. Don't remember the page. Grrr)
4: Give Glory (Again, Robin Mann)
5: Infant King (Relatively unknown. Tune is Jingle Bells Am blowing own horn. Will provide lyric if asked. Can't stand sound of own voice when recorded.)
6: Sing "Hey" for the Carpenter (Again, don't know the author. Learned at Lilydale)
7: Sing of Him (St Louis Jesuits. Don't know details. Will report back later.)
8: Servant King (Can't for the life of me remember who wrote this)
9: Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (Traditional Christmas song)
10: Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory (Err Battle Hymn of the Republic. Who wrote this?! Seems to be an American folk song by now.)

I really love the BBC's Songs of Praise. Aled Jones is sometimes on that, and he's really good. They often have such great songs, and such interesting stories. I blame Paul Blacker and Warren Bartlett for most of those songs, they were our ministers at the time. Croydon Uniting is a great church, but I really love Lilydale Uniting, which is now my home church, since 2007.

Although they aren't really hymns, I like Westlife's No Matter What, and BoyZone's You Raise Me Up. I also like a fair number of the old negro spirituals, and there are some great recently written ones too. Westerner spirituals are getting good as well.

Yeah, and I think I just went off topic. I talk far too much. Sorry.


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I'm a really big fan of a lot of Christian artists and music groups but I guess I'll just have to pick a few favourites. Here goes.

The Newsboys-They're a brilliant Christian band with some amazing songs-it would take too long to list them all.

Michael W. Smith-Has heaps of amazing songs like Love Crusade, Place in this world, Seed to Sow and A New Hallelujah. (Actually not 100% sure if that is actually his song-but I think it is.

Steve Grace is another really good artist. Change this world, Follow and Arms of Liberty are my favourites.

Wow, I could really go on for a lot longer. BUt for the moment at least, I'll leave it like that.


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My top 10, at the moment and in no particular order, are...

1. God He Reigns / All I Need is You -- Marty Sampson

2. Holy Spirit Rain Down -- Russell Fragar

3. Have Faith in God -- Geoff Bullock

4. Agnus Dei -- Michael W. Smith

5. I Am Carried -- Geoff Bullock

6. Change My Heart, O God -- Eddie Espinosa

7. With All I Am -- Reuben Morgan

8. For You, Deep Stillness -- Robin Mann

9. Father Welcomes -- Robin Mann

10. The Servant King -- Graham Kendrick


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Rather than try to come up with a list of the top of my head I decided to take a different approach. I got a copy of the projection record spreadsheet for our evening service at Doncaster East Uniting. We vary our songs a lot depending on theme and which members of the band are available so it's not really a list of the most popular songs, but they are definitly the most useful songs, as they are the ones we've used the most in the last 12 months.

A few edits and a pivot table later and I had list of the most played songs over the last year.

Number of times played - Title - Author/Artist
8 - Blessed Be Your Name - Beth Redman, Matt Redman
6 - Solution - Joel Houston and Matt Crocker/Hillsong United
5 - The Path - Jason Mann/NCYC'09
5 - Touching Heaven Changing Earth - Reuben Morgan/Hillsong
5 - From The Inside Out - Joel Houston/Hillsong
4 - Called - Nathan Creek -
4 - Follow The Signs - Nathan Creek
4 - Through Your Eyes - Nathan Creek
4 - I'll Go - Nathan Creek
4 - More Like You - Stuart Moreman and Victor Row. Jr./NCYC'05
4 - Endless Praise - Tim Marshall/NCYC'07
4 - To You Be Praise - Allan David Hoare/NCYC'09
4 - The Love Of God Can Do - Christine and Russell Fragar/Hillsong
4 - Mighty To Save - Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding/Hillsong
4 - Indescribable - Laura Story/Chris Tomlin
4 - Your Grace Is Enough - Matt Maher/Chris Tomlin

I hope that's useful to someone.

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My top 10 worship songs - well, here goes, I'm very eclectic. These are NOT in priority order and for me reflect an important point: "worship songs" must never be confined to primarily songs of praise. Worship 'song' is also about lament, confession, intercession, the sacraments, community, mission etc.

* Blessed be your name (Matt & Beth Redman) - written in aftermath of 9/11 - combines praise and lament
* God welcomes all - (John Bell) - Bell's words to a marvellous African tune
* Be the centre (Michael Frye) - a much under-used Vineyard song, with a bit of a Celtic feel. Think "Be thou my vision"updated
* A place at the table (Shirley Murray) - a reminder that all are welcome at God's table and that we are co-workers with God in justice-making
* Overflow (Matt Maher) - a song about God's overflowing and abundant love
* The peace of the earth (Deep peace) - a Guatemalan folk melody - beautifully soothing blessing song
* We will take what you offer (John Bell) - a missional/sending out song, with marvellous vocal possibilities
* Holy Spirit rain (Michael Earl/Phil Newton) - an Oz song, theme song for last Assembly, an invocation of the Holy Spirit
* How great is our God (Chris Tomlin et al) - contemporary classic
* Beauty for brokenness (Graham Kendrick) - great missional/justice-making song

Thats mine (with easily another 10 on the interchange bench - including Marty Haugen's "All are welcome"


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Top 10.... I'm really gonna have to spend some time figuring that out.

I really like songs where you can hear everyone singing along. It's like it takes the community to a deeper level that way. I love some really old stuff like 'this little light of mine' and 'lord I lift your name on high' and 'he's got the whole world in his hands'. Newer favourites are 'in Christ alone' and 'here I am to worship'. I like worship music to tell a story or take me on a spiritual emotional journey. The words have to resonate and Speak truth.

Those are my interim musings... I'll keep working on a top ten!

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Heaps of great suggestions here - and it's interesting to see such a diverse range of songs too.

A few extras have been suggested via NCYC11 on facebook:

  • House of Prayer
  • Flow (scott Baker)
  • Changed Aaron Neiquist

Keep those suggestions coming - the music team will be putting together a list of worship songs for NCYC 11 very shortly!