Turn it up!

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TURN IT UP! is a joyful call for young people (as part of all of God's people) to step up to the plate in being "full-on" for God in faith, worship and mission. The verses are deliberating affirmative - "We will walk his way ...". "We will seek your truth", "We will love you" and so on. Having said that, TURN IT UP! acknowledges the ongoing and essential dialogue between our being "out there" for Christ, and through prayer and reflection, our "inner life".

In writing TURN IT UP! I've sought to contrast chorus and verse, with the choruses hopefully anthemic in feel; especially the "wo-o-o-o-o" parts. Hopefully a crowd would really get off on that. It was interesting writing the song. Seemed to me the melody in any "turn it up" line needed to "turn up" - always going up in pitch. Also, note the occasional syncopated "hand claps" in the verses. Plenty of opportunity in each chorus for background vocal line "do-wop" bits.

That all said, it's meant as a real "OK folks, let's get into overdrive, full bore in being Christian", for the sake of the world Christ died and rose for, and seeks to reconcile to himself. We have the humbling privilege of being part of all this - for the sake of the Kingdom

(Brisbane, 25/08/2010)

recording details:
main backing: David MacGregor
lead guitar: Joel MacGregor
vocals: Louis Peake