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Amazing is an upbeat song that I wrote for gathering people into worship and learning. The main message of the song is that, getting to know God and Jesus better helps us to share the love that Jesus demonstrated for us. The simple act of loving others can allow amazing things to happen.

This song has proved very popular at our church over the last couple of months since I wrote it. As well as using it to gather people in at start of worship, we have also used it at the end of the service as a sending out. It works as a reminder of why we gathered, and what we have to do when we leave.

An interesting thing that can be done with this song if you have enough vocalists is to sing the bridge and chorus together at the same time. It was largely unintentional as I was writing it, but it works out really well. There's an example of it in the recording.

In case anyone is interested, for the acoustic guitar part I play it with a capo on the second fret so it's in A, and I play the A chord like xo765o, and the E/A chord like xo645o. (x is dead, o is open string, numbers are fret numbers from the capo). I use my left thumb to deaden the E string so i can go nuts with the strumming.